About Us

AI MaintTech is a US reseller partner of LexX Technologies and brings real world expertise to deliver intelligent technology for maintenance


Sperry MacNaughton


With an MBA from Columbia University, Sperry has experience on Wall Street and in advertising. He left New York to join Coca Cola USA in Washington DC and then Cox Enterprises as President of Cox Cable of Tucson. Eventually, he ran a national executive search firm for 30 years. As Head of AI MaintTech, he is responsible for sales in North America.

Bob Bach

VP Sales and Marketing | Transit

With a BS from Columbia University and a post graduate Certificate in Transportation Management from San Jose State University, Bob has 35 years in the transportation maintenance field in railroads and public transit. He is particularly interested in computerized fleet administration, fleet maintenance, management relations and planning.

George Wiltsee

VP Sales and Marketing | Utilities

As an engineer from Caltech, an MBA from Stanford and a lifelong career in the energy industry, George is a leader in commercializing innovations from early stage development through successful application. What thrills George is contributing directly to the success of new technologies, as entrepreneurs strive for a cleaner environment and better economic outcomes.

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