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To Optimize the Availability and Reliability of Complex Equipment with a System That:

Provides the right technical information at the right time
Instructs and guides the technician
Proactive vs Reactive
Combines all organizational data to be a single source of truth for maintenance processes
Our Aviation clients are faced with significant challenges in maintaining the efficient and on-time performance of their aircraft fleet. Any faults found can cause loss of profit and brand issues. 
The Aviation industry spends upwards of 74 million man-hours annually to maintain more than 30,000 commercial aircraft globally. The global air transport jet and turboprop fleet will grow by more than 10,000 net new aircraft by 2027
Those in the Transit industry are continuously working to ensure that their customers are delivered safe and reliable transportation, including buses, rail, and shipping. Vehicle faults and the repairs needed can have serious business impacts. 
Public transportation systems in the United States operated 149,104 railcars, buses and vans in a typical peak period during 2017, out of a total of 181,652 vehicles available for service
Watch the LexX Transit Demo to see the platform in action
Recent growth within the Utilities sector and the constant move towards renewable and reliable energy means that our clients aim to ensure their plants are cost effective, reliable and meet the need for a digital future.
At a medium-size power plant, 1% change in plant availability could have a $3.5 million revenue impact. Capital expenditures continue to rise, with an increase 14 percent (2018), to reach an all-time high of $133.8 billion for the 50 electric and gas utilities S&P Global tracks annually. 

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