Lex   Platform


Providing a natural language interface to Systems of Record (ERP, Maintenance and Document Management)
Utilizing any device (phones, tablets, etc.) to provide solutions at the right time and place

Is a digital intelligent system that learns from:

  • Asset behavior

  • Technician behavior

  • Organizational Data

Guiding and instructing the technician, enabling rapid fault resolution 

Lex   Innovation Features


Automated ingestion of technical documentation
Digitization of handwritten documentation
Intelligent access to structured storage of documentation
Natural Language Processing through chatbot-like interactions
Image Processing for parts recognition
Machine Learning from asset and user behavior
Open source structure allows easy integration with other systems
User-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use
Augmented Reality and IoT technologies (the future of LexX)

What is AI and Machine Learning?

How is it relevant to Lex   ?


AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. AI mimics 'cognitive' functions such as learning and problem solving that use past experience to inform future decisions 

AI is software capable of performing skilled abilities like pattern recognition, image and speech recognition, analysis of data, and decision making. 

LexX inputs, structures and stores data including tech manuals, maintenance related documents, work orders and past interactions with users. At this stage it is most similar to a trained graduate technician

LexX is an AI platform that utilizes multiple technologies, chief amongst them Machine Learning, to apply skilled analysis and pattern recognition to improve maintenance operations 

Machine Learning is a branch of AI that is based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention, improving over time through trial and error derived from data analysis

It then processes and analyzes all this data and outputs answers to user problems, technical recommendations and more. At this stage, LexX is closer to a trained technician with multiple years of experience

LexX and it's AI capabilities lead to greater 'time on tool' and overall improved job satisfaction

The Benefits of Lex


LexX is IBM Watson for maintenance at a reasonable cost

An intuitive, easy to use system for the modern day technician

Open standards allow easy interface to other IT systems

Low cost to implement and operate

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